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How to Install the ‘I am an Essential Business’ Stickers.

STEP 1. 

Prepare yourself with a couple of tools ahead of time: 

  • a small plastic 'patch and fill' scraper (we bought Utility brand 75mm Patch & Gil Scraper from Mitre 10 which works like a dream). It was only a few dollars.

  • a small spray bottle filled with water (we use a small 100ml bottle from the herbal shop as it's very easy to carry around).

  • a cleaning cloth, preferably a window microcloth



After you’ve chatted with the shop owner, and they have approved the sticker for their window, ask them to show you where they'd like it.  


You can say something like "I'll do it for you, can you point to where you'd like it?"


Note: they may say "leave it with us and we'll put it up later". We strongly recommend that you show them you're here ready at their service so it's done immediately and doesn't get put on their never-ending list of ‘things to do’ with the sticker left in a pile on the desk. Remember we are here to serve and uplift them, not give them more work!



Clean the part of the window where the sticker is going.



Spray the window with more water before placing the sticker. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT 

STEP because it means you’ll have the chance to eliminate any air bubbles. You want the sticker to look awesome and professionally applied.



Carefully place the sticker onto the WET window. Making sure it's straight. If you're with a friend, ask them to stand outside the shop and help you get it straight.



With the scraper, work your way around the sticker to push out air bubbles and surplus water. Start at the middle of the sticker and then move to the outside of it. 



Wipe across and around the sticker to clean up any drips, leaving the sticker dry and clear of air bubbles. 



If they’re free, show the owner so they can see it and enjoy it with you. 



Celebrate and thank them again as you leave.

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